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人心憂慮,屈而不伸 ; 一句良言,使心歡樂。 (聖經箴言12章 25節)


Being a charitable institution in Hong Kong since 2007

Care in the heart of a man makes it weighted down, but a good word makes it glad. (Bible—Proverbs 12:25)

Obey the Great Commission of Christ, to spread Jesus’ love and gospel into community, to touch the life with caring, and to serve the spiritual need in missionary field.

After graduated from Theological Institute, Missioary Iong set up the first “Macau Gospel Counselling Center ” in 1990. Several years later she was called to be a missionary in Hong Kong. She had been spreading gospel and touching different people’s hearts for thirteen years as a Hospital Chaplain. From 2007, she, as a founder, with a group committed volunteers, continues the Mission of caring and preaching in Care Centre of Hong Kong.

Care Centre Ltd. is a volunteer organization set up by dedicated Christians with faith and offering. We develop our services with prayer and Gospel Counseling. In Christ’s love, we care for the community and rehabilitation people who have spiritual and psychological needs.

Main Services
We provide free services of counseling and hotline to support those who need caring. Through face to face counseling, training, lectures, therapy groups, gospel groups of different age, homepage message and camping, we help people light up their lives and appreciate the love of Jesus Christ.

Volunteer Training
Caring Centre Ltd. gives you a chance to know yourself. We also provide telephone conversation training, visiting training, communication skills, self-growth and missionary course.

Biblical Teaching
Empathy and observe the needy. Enjoy love and bring joy to heart. Establish the soul caring. Empower Gospel counseling. Exchange message of spiritual health .

Missionary Ministry
Spread vision, Missionary Newsletter, Missionary experience , Mission sharing, prayer meeting etc.

With invitations from church, fellowship, school, hospital, university, and organization, we give sermons , Bible study, lecture, Mission sharing, testimony, hotline training, life-death education, life coaching and caring skill .

Consultant: Olivia Sit (Missionary / Counsellor)

Voluntary Board Members

Missionary/Counsellor: Missionary Iong ( The first wheelchair missionary in Christian History )

Guest Counselor

Guest Spiritual Counselor

Professional Accountant and Auditor

Part-time / Voluntary Accountant

Part-time Tutor

Temporary Assistant

Group of Volunteers

Financial Sources:Love Offerings from Church /Christians Fellowship or Individual

( HK tax exemption receipt be provided )

Pay to Care Centre Limited by cheque or Account Number 491-733333-001 of The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Ltd.

Donation of HKD $100 or more, centre will provide HK tax exemption receipt.

Please send the cheque or deposit form to: Care Centre Limited P.O.Box 83395 Concorde Road , Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Please noted that all donation or checks under the names of missioner or an individual will be transferred to the account of "Care Centre Ltd" as usual. For any enquiry, please contact our centre.

Tel: (852)2322-2021

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